The focus lies on climate mitigation, adaptation to climate change, protection of biodiversity, insect responsible sourcing regions, sensitisation of consumers and the sector initiative “Food for Biodiversity”. Overarching topics are the sensitisation, dialogue and networking of stakeholders as well as capacity building.

Current Projects


Farmers in the Flaachtal want to implement more climate protection on their farms. Lake Constance Foundation is supporting them with this.

AWA Webtool

Information service on the sustainable adaptation of agriculture to climate change

Biodiversity in Standards and Labels for the Food Industry

Through effective criteria for the management of biodiversity and very good agricultural practice, standards and companies of the food sector can contribute significantly to the protection of biodiversity and ecosystem services.


Nachhaltige Bioökonomie – durch die Erstellung von Unterrichtsmaterialien für Lehrkräfte und Studierende zu diesem Thema sollen die zukünftigen Landwirt*innen für dieses Thema sensibilisiert werden.


Möglichkeiten identifizieren wie die ökologische Effektivität von Agrarumweltmaßnahmen durch einen Landschaftsansatz verbessert und wie diese von landwirtschaftlichen Akteuren stärker übernommen werden können


In order to further improve the adaptation of agriculture to climate change, training and educational offers will be developed and made available to educational and advisory institutions in the project region.

Green Vineyards

The aim of the project “Green Vineyards” is to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of the employees of vineyards in order to cope with the challenges of climate change.

LIFE Clean Air Farming

The reduction of ammonia and methane emissions from agriculture through better implementation and improvement of respective legislations, capacity building and change of consumption patterns

LIFE Insektenfördernde Regionen

Ziel des Projektes ist es stabile regionale Allianzen mit zahlreichen Landnutzer*innen gemeinsam mit der Lebensmittelbranche für einen Insektenschutz mit hoher Flächenwirkung zu etablieren.

Development of a market-oriented framework for biodiversity measures in agriculture in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The aim of the project is to create a market-oriented framework for the various biodiversity measures in agriculture within the regional and EU quality programs in Baden-Württemberg.

More Biodiversity in Durum Wheat Cultivation

Pilot project for the development and testing of biodiversity measures in durum wheat cultivation in Germany

Obstbau-Modellanlagen zur Förderung der Biologischen Vielfalt

Errichtung von sechs Modellanlagen für Tafelobstplantagen, in denen Maßnahmen ergriffen werden, um die Biologische Vielfalt zu erhöhen bzw. zu erhalten.

PRO PLANET Apple Project

In cooperation with apple farmers at Lake Constance and the REWE Group, we are creating more habitats and food sources for wild bees in apple plantations.



Finished Projects

LIFE AgriClimateChange

Analysis of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from farms and creation of mitigation action plans

LIFE AgriAdapt

With the use of a common decision support tool, the vulnerability to climate change of European farms will be assessed and sustainable adaptation options disseminated.

More Biodiversity in Cereal Cultivation with KraichgauKorn® and LinzgauKorn®

Pilot project for the development and testing of biodiversity measures in cereal cultivation as part of the quality label Baden-Württemberg

Nature and Biodiversity Conservation as a CSR Task in Medium-Sized Businesses

To identify the possibilities for the protection and promotion of biological diversity in organic winegrowing, in order to support the wineries in this important field of action.

Partnership for Biodiversity Protection in Viticulture in Europe

Development of training materials and analysis modules to protect, improve and promote biodiversity in viticulture.