Climate Protection and Agriculture in Flaachtal

Field of action: Agriculture & the Food Sector

Project goals: Reduce GHG emissions on farms in the Flaachtal, sequester CO2 and exchange knowledge with other farmers.

Project area: Flaachtal, Switzerland

Duration: 2012 – 2020


In Switzerland, about 11 % of GHG emissions are from agriculture. Agriculture therefore needs to play an important role in reducing the impacts of climate change. In the Flaachtal region, farmers and businesses took the initiative in testing the feasibility of climate protection. Their aim is that the reduction of GHGs should not be made at the cost of animal welfare, biodiversity or economy.


The farmers participating in the project want to reduce GHG emissions on their farms, sequester CO2 and to contribute to climate protection in Switzerland and beyond. Lake Constance Foundation is conducting the GHG assessment with the ACCT (AgriClimateChange Tool), the calculation of reduction in emissions (through measures implemented on the farm) and the final sensitivity analysis.



Contact person: Volker Kromrey


Phone:+49 (0) 7732-9995-48


Project Partners

  • Sofies-Emac
  • Flury&Giuliani GmbH
  • Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft BLW
  • Amt für Natur und Landschaft, Kanton Zürich
  • Agroscope Institut für Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften INH
  • Strickhof, Kompetenzzentrum für Bildung und Dienstleistung in Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft, Kanton Zürich
  • ETH Zürich, Agrarökonomie und –politik
  • Staatswald Thurauen
  • FirstClimate
  • WWF Schweiz – Worldwide Fund for Nature
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Copyright: Bodensee-Stiftung
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