The focus lies on biodiversity oriented premises, bioidversity in management systems (EMAS, ISO), sector specific biodiversity checks, biodiversity in standards and labels and climate mitigation. Overarching topics are the sensitisation, dialogue and networking of stakeholders as well as capacity building.

Current Projects


Die Grundidee des Projektes ist es, ein Bewusstsein für die Bedeutung der Biodiversität als Lebensgrundlage für uns Menschen zu schaffen und die Zusammenhänge zum Klimawandel verständlich zu machen. Zielgruppe des Projekts sind junge Menschen am Start Ihres Beruflebens völlig unabhängig der Wahl des Ausbildungsberufs.

Development and implementation of an internationally oriented certification system for peat substitutes

The project aims to develop a certification system for peat substitutes that verifies the ecological, social and economic sustainability of the various substitutes.

European Business & Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC)

Companies in all sectors are dependent on biodiversity and have negative effects on biological diversity. The campaign motivates and supports companies to comprehensively integrate biodiversity into their corporate management.


Throughout Europe, the project will raise the understanding that biodiversity-oriented design of business premises improves the protection and developement of biodiversity at local level. At the same time the working climate and well-being of personnel can be improved.



Finished Projects

Biodiversity-oriented Design of Business Premises

Biodiversity-oriented design of business premises: a clever concept for more nature around the business. Six business premises have conducted an exemplary biodiversity-oriented design.


What is a biodiversity-oriented design good for? Why do businesses design their premise in such a way? What options are there for a biodiversity-oriented design?