More Biodiversity in Cereal Cultivation with KraichgauKorn® and LinzgauKorn®

More biodiversity in cereal cultivation with KraichgauKorn® and LinzgauKorn®

Pilot project for the development and testing of biodiversity measures in cereal cultivation as part of the quality label Baden-Württemberg

Field of action: Business & Biodiversity

Project goals: Testing biodiversity measures on pilot farms; Implementation of a biodiversity monitoring concept; Integration of measures in the cultivation guidelines of KraichgauKorn® and LinzgauKorn®

Project area: Baden-Württemberg (Linzgau und Kraichgau)

Duration: 2015 – 2019


Agriculture is important for the conservation of biodiversity, as many species and habitats are closely linked to their use. Recently, intensification and specialization in agriculture has led to a loss of habitats. Quality labels such as the QZ BW with ~ 20,000 companies have a steering effect and should ensure the protection of the environment and biodiversity beyond the statutory requirements. Adding the aspect of nature conservation to QZ BW products is a future-orientated adaptation to market requirements.


Analysis of regional biodiversity hotspots and catalogue of measures; individual development and implementation of action plans to promote biodiversity; Monitoring, transfer of findings to QZ BW; Application of an analysis tool (Biodiversity Performance Tool) on selected farms; Training concept for QZ BW consultants and certifiers; Communication concept for Kraichgau Korn and Linzgau grain.


Contact person: Patrick Trötschler 


Phone: +49 (0) 7732-9995-40


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