Current Projects


CoAct aims to convert residual biomasses available in Friedrichshafen and in the Lake Constance district into a renewable energy source and activated carbon.


COALESCCE aims to increase the capacity for community-based approaches to local renewable energy provision across Europe in order to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy security and tackle fuel poverty whilst driving ‘Green Growth’.

Energy Region – Efficient Heating Systems

Heating grids strengthen regional value chains and contribute to climate protection. The project supports municipalities, cooperatives, energy communities or  initiatives from the project beginning to the implementation.

Naturschutzaspekte bei zukünftigen Regelungen zur Wärme- und Kälteerzeugung

Schaffung eines Orientierungsrahmen und einer Wissensbasis zur Einsteuerung von Naturschutzbelangen in die Entwicklung der zukünftigen Wärme- und Kälteversorgung

PV-Netzwerk Schwarzwald-Baar-Heuberg

The aim of the PV-network is to show: “Solar energy is still worthwhile”. Through information and education, the project promotes both roof- and ground-mounted photovoltaics.


The energy transition in the hands of citizens: In order to increase energy democracy, socially innovative enterprises such as cooperatives, aggregators and crowdfunding platforms will be strenghtened.



Finished Projects

Bioenergy Region Lake Constance

Establishing a network of stakeholders to increase the knowledge transfer, raise awareness for bioenergy and to create a platform for further development. Special emphasis is laid on the development of sustainable bioenergy projects and alternatives for maize production.


Processing urban greencuts and rural grasslands for energy production and preserving biodiversity with the help of “integrated solid fuel and biogas production from biomass” (IFBB).


The European HORIZON 2020 project shows what contribution biogas can make to a future RES based energy supply.
Biogas communities as an important element of a sustainable energy production. Redesign of the biogas landscape through community-based approaches.

Power Kids: Municipal Climate Protection

Primary school children playfully learn about energy and climate protection in their local environment. They discover challenges and develop their own solutions, which they also represent artistically.

Power Kids: Bioenergy

The project Power Kids allows children to experience within their local environment energy and in particular bioenergy.