The focus lies on enhancing pollinating insects and biodiversity in municipalities, microplastic in water bodies and the internationel network Living Lakes. Overarching topics are the sensitisation, dialogue and networking of stakeholders as well as capacity building.

Current Projects

Blue Lakes – Mikroplastik in Seen

Verringerung des Eintrages von Mikroplastik in Seen: Sensibilisierung und Implementierung von Lösungsansätzen.

People – Bees – Biodiversity

The project focuses on the concept of „Blühbotschafter“: Ambassadors for a blooming landscape. Flower ambassadors are people who want to promote pollinators in their personal surrounding.

Living Lakes

The aim of the initiative Living Lakes is the protection of the worldwide water reserves. A study conducted by the UN shows, that over 1.4 billion People only have access to dirty water or to not enough water.



Finished Projects

Blühendes Bodenseeland

With international partners around the Lake Constance and the cooperation with different stakeholders, we want to increase the amount of habitats and food sources for pollinating insects.

Small Water Bodies for the Lake Constance Region

Creating a network of small water bodies for amphibians and insects around Lake Constance. Linking and training the stakeholders. Fostering environmental education on small water bodies.

Netzwerk Blühender Bodensee

Network for a species and flower-rich Lake Constance region – creation of habitats and food sources for pollinating insects

Nature Experience for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Creating a stronger focus on nature experiences for blind and visually impaired people at Lake Constance and three other lakes in Germany.