Bioenergy Region Lake Constance

Bioenergy Region Lake Constance

Platform for locally Bioenergy development

Field of action: Energy Transition

Project goals:  Establishing a network of stakeholders to increase the knowledge transfer, raise awareness for bioenergy and to create a platform for further development. Special emphasis is laid on the development of sustainable bioenergy projects and alternatives for maize production.

Project area: Administrative districts of Constance, Lake Constance and Schwarzwald-Baar

Duration: 2006 – 2015


Lake Constance region is one of the 25 winners of the nationwide competition “Bioenergy Regions” of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). The region is a dynamic business location and settlement area, a renowned tourist destination and a sensitive natural area at the same time. Less than 10% of the total energy demand in the Lake Constance bioenergy region has so far been covered by renewable sources (as of 2009). The share of renewable energies is thus below the national average. The regional biomass potential alone is 8% of the total energy requirement. In the future the landscape should retain its unique character.


The funding will finance measures to initiate new bioenergy projects and disseminate innovative technologies in the region. These activities are intended to trigger major investments. The measures include:

  • Potential Analysis “Landscape Conservation Material in the Lake Constance Region”
  • Biogas of flowering plants
  • Citizen information on bioenergy (events, exhibition)
  • Exemplary implementation of sustainability criteria in 6 bioenergy plants
  • short rotation plantations


Ansprechpartner: Volker Kromrey


Telefon: +49 (0) 7732-9995-48


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