Biodiversity-oriented Design of Business Premises

Biodiversity-oriented design of business premises

Clever instead of grey!

Field of action: Business and Biodiversity

Project goals: Demonstrate the possibilities, capacity and attractiveness of biodiversity-oriented business premises

Project area: Germany

Duration: 2013-2015


Businesses from all sectors depend on biodiversity and the ecosystem services hereof. They are becoming increasingly aware of the need to get involved in this subject. Biodiversity, however, can be difficult to grasp, especially because biodiversity is often affected somewhere along the supply chain. The biodiversity-oriented design of the own business premise is a pragmatic engagement for biodiversity.


Businesses can seek consultation in the ecological upgrading of their premise. Initial consultations are the priority. These consultations give an overview of the ecological upgrading potentials and demonstrate which other benefits (other than ecological) can be achieved. In this project, the design of a biodiversity-oriented premise can be supported financially for six businesses.


Contact person: Sven Schulz


Phone: +49 (0) 7732- 9995 441


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Copyright: Bodensee-Stiftung