Naturnahe Gestaltung von Firmengeländen als Einstieg in das biodiversitätsfördernde Umweltmanagement

Field of action: Business and Biodiversity

Project goals: Look at the cost-benefit structure of biodiversity-oriented designed business premises

Project area: Germany

Duration: 2012 – 2015


40 % of all worldwide products are based on biodiversity and all sectors profit from natural services. At the same time, business activities sometimes cause substantial damage to ecosystems, plants and animals. The lack of visibility of these natural services to businesses, leads to a negligence of nature and to poor decisions that can cause harm to biodiversity and ecosystem services.


The business that are evaluated get a systematic analysis of biodiversity-friendly measures they could implement, their costs and the effects on biodiversity, employees and the surroundings. Through this analysis, locational options for action, potential savings and non-monetary benefits are shown. Recommendations are given for easy but significant indicators that can be recorded easily and can be used for the business´s communication strategy and reporting. A guideline is developed at the end of the evaluation to make the lessons learned accessible to various stakeholders. The business then has the possibility to decide if, and to what extent they want to implement the suggested measures. If a business decides to implement measures, the project partners will provide support.


Contact person: Sven Schulz


Phone: +49 (0) 7732-9995-441


Further Information

Road to a biodiversity-oriented business premise (in German): here

Presentation of the project on the homepage of the project coordinator (in German): here

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Copyright: Bodensee-Stiftung
Copyright: Bodensee-Stiftung