People – Bees – Biodiversity

People – Bees – Biodiversity

Engagement with a benefit

Field of action: Nature and Lake Conservation

Project goals: Networking, information, further training and advice for volunteers, local authorities, farmers and companies that are committed to bee and insect-friendly management

Project area: Allgäu and Lake Constance Area

Duration: 2019 – 2022


The decline of insects in general and of flower-visiting insects in particular, has reached the consciousness of society. For a long time now, nature conservationists and environmentalists are no longer the only ones who want to promote pollinators.
This motivation needs to be nourished and actively supported!


The project focuses on the concept of „Blühbotschafter“: Ambassadors for a blooming landscape. Flower ambassadors are people who want to promote pollinators in their personal surrounding. In the project, general training courses for these volunteers are offered, specialization-modules are developed, a network of active Flower Ambassadors is established and materials and concepts are compiled to support the volunteers in their “diplomatic mission”. In Vorarlberg, exemplary green roofs are initiated in order to motivate planners/architects/builders/etc. to follow these best-practice examples.


Contact person: Sven Schulz


Phone: 07732/9995-441


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