Fact Sheet from the online event “Bird strike: What can companies do?”

Copyright: Bodensee-Stiftung

Following the successful online event “Bird strike: What can companies do?” on June 3, 2022, there is now a compact fact sheet with facts and solutions on bird strike.

This fact sheet provides a general overview of the bird strike problem. How big are the numbers, why is the problem often underestimated, what increases the risk of bird strikes and what solutions, products are available. In addition, the fact sheet includes YouTube links to presentations from the online event, “Bird Strike, What Can Businesses Do?”

The speakers were:

Dr. Wolfgang Fiedler, Klemens Steiof, Benedikt-Huggins, Maria Ganoti, Alexandros Vezyrakis, Raül Aymí, Oscar Gordo, Andrea Bracko, Rouven Seidler

To view the fact sheet, please click on the link Fact Sheet