Das Projekt analysiert Konfliktfelder verschiedener Akteursgruppen im Wald, fördert das gegenseitige Verständnis und trägt aktiv zur Reduktion von verschiedenen Nutzungskonflikten im Wald (in Anzahl und Tragweite) bei.

Flower Kids

Kids learn about different habitats, wild herbs and pollinating insects (with a focus on wild bees) in a playful and active way and are supported to get involved in biodiversity and wild bee protection in their living environment.


CoAct aims to convert residual biomasses available in Friedrichshafen and in the Lake Constance district into a renewable energy source and activated carbon.


COALESCCE aims to increase the capacity for community-based approaches to local renewable energy provision across Europe in order to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy security and tackle fuel poverty whilst driving ‘Green Growth’.

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