Franz and Hildegard Rohr Bird Protection Foundation at Lake Constance

On November 9th 2005 a seminal document for a new foundation for bird protection at Lake Constance was ceremonially issued by Hubert Wicker, the district president of the regional council in Tübingen.

The altruistic, exclusive and direct reason for the foundation is the protection of habitat for birds, providing rest areas, breeding places, nesting and nourishment sites. To fulfil these goals, measures along the German shoreline of the Lake Constance should be taken.

The annual income of the foundation is administrated by the Lake Constance Foundation and used towards the accomplishment of the projected goals. Unfortunately a financial promotion for projects is at present not possible.

The district president, Hubert Wicker stated at the document handing in Singen, that the cooperation of Lake Constance Foundation "guarantees a professional usage of material resources". He appealed to potential followers: "Go donate!"

This good example shows, how sustainable environmental- and nature preservation ideas can be realized by individuals. Follow these practices and support our work.